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Welcome to LifePathGuide, my coaching website. Would you like an ally to help you achieve a goal, your dream, success, balance, or fulfillment? This is what I do. I’m a personal life coach and I help people find their happiness and contentment in life. Whether the goal is as specific as business success or as general as life fulfillment and balance, I can help you get there. I listen with my head, heart, and spirit and mirror back what I hear. We brainstorm possible or seemingly impossible approaches to your life’s challenges and create a plan of action. I will hold you accountable for embracing these plans, acting on them, and reformulating the next move. I work with YOUR agenda, offering my perspective and suggestions only when needed and desired by YOU. Coaching works and I’m happy to be available to help you.

Why would you choose me to be your coach? Although my career was as an emergency medicine specialist, I always counseled people as a side practice or in the course of my work in the ER. It was a natural calling for me. With a background from the ‘70s in Gestalt therapy and EST, I found that helping people with their life challenges and strategies was deeply fulfilling for me. The more I looked into coaching as a possible new career direction, I saw that what I’d been doing under the heading of ‘counseling’ or ‘therapy’ was essentially coaching. I received my formal training at the Institute for Life Coach Training, a coaching school for therapists making the transition to coaching.

During my medical career spanning nearly 30 years, I had somewhere around 150,000 clinical encounters. All of these were problem solving challenges. Although it is not my role as a coach to solve your problems (you are fully capable of doing this yourself, with or without a little help from your coach), my orientation to and experience with a broad range of life challenges is a very good foundation for coaching work. Additionally my personal life experiences (see About Me) contribute to my ability to manage life challenges with a wide perspective.



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